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In this episode Gyles and Aphra Brandreth explore the riches of the Welsh langue and Welsh poetry with author and British comedy award winner Sioned Wiliam. Sioned shares her story growing up in a Welsh speaking home, and her passion for the Welsh language and this beautiful country. Poems this episode include: My first love was a Plover by Twm Morys; The winning poem from this Year’s National Eisteddfod entitled ‘Llif’ (Flow) by Alan Llwyd; A poem by Elinor Wyn Reynolds; and Cofio and The Peacemakers (Y Tangnefeddwyr) both by Waldo Williams.

Poems this episode:

  • My first love was a Plover by Twm Morys
  • The winning poem from this Year’s National Eisteddfod entitled ‘Llif’ (Flow) by Alan Llwyd
  • A poem by Elinor Wyn Reynolds
  • Cofio and The Peacemakers (Y Tangnefeddwyr) both by Waldo William

Want to find out more about Welsh poetry, here are a few book recommendations…

  • An Introduction to Welsh Literature: Gwyn Williams – University of Wales Press
  • The Oxford Book of Welsh Verse in English: Gwyn Jones – OUP
  • The Book of Taliesin: Rowan Williams and Gwyneth Lewis – Penguin Classics
  • The Rattlebag; Seamus Heaney and Ted Hughes – Faber
  • Dail Pren Waldo Williams – Y Lolfa
  • Anwyddoldeb: Elinor Wyn Reynolds – Barddas
  • Ofn Fy Het: Twm Morys – Barddas
  • RS Thomas Collected Poems – W+N
  • My Body Can House Two Hearts: Hanan Issa – Burning Eye Books

Wales forms part of the United Kingdom, together with England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Wales is bordered by England to the east, the Irish Sea to the north and west, and the Bristol Channel to the south. It is home to three National Parks and five areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.




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Episode guests

Sioned Wiliam

Sioned Wiliam

Sioned Wiliam comes from Barry. She is the author of the novels, Dal i Fynd, Chwynnu, Cicio’r Bar and Y Gwyliau published by Y Lolfa. Sioned began her television and radio career at the BBC, and along with Elizabeth Proud produced several adaptations of the work of Barbara Pym for BBC Radio 4, Including Some Tame Gazelle starring Miriam Margoyles and Hannah Gordon. She then became an independent television producer and her credits include Tonight with Jonathan Ross, Game On, Big Train and Yonderland. She broadcasts frequently on BBC Radio Cymru and BBC Radio London. Sioned has been nominated for a Bafta award three times as a producer and won a Children’s Bafta for Rhestr Nadolig Wil, a British Comedy Award and a Bronze Rose at Montreux for BIG TRAIN in 1999. She has worked as a Commissioning Editor for ITV and BBC Radio 4.

My First Love Was A Plover

by Twm Morys

My first love was a plover;
Beautiful things her wings were.
Tiny eyes shining at night –
Though mainly in the moonlight.
We ate leeks at a lakeside,
I caressed her crest, and cried
All night. Then the kite called,
Unshaven and dishevelled.
He saw from the bristling sedge
My playmate’s handsome plumage.
She made a tryst, kissed the kite
So dearly in the starlight.
I thought of only one thing:
My plover lover leaving.