About Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands are two parallel chains of volcanic islands and small coral atolls in the south-western Pacific. The country is mainly mountainous and covered in forests, although it has some extensive plains. Solomon Islands’ nearest neighbours are Vanuatu to the south-east and Papua New Guinea to the west.

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Official language is English, however, there are 63 distinct languages spoken in the islands though Pijin or Pidgin English is also used by most people as a common


686,900 (2022)



High Commissioner

No High Commission in UK, Honorary Consul is John Freeman



Joined Commonwealth

1978, following independence from Britain

Episode guests

John Freeman

John Freeman

Honorary Consul for Solomon Islands

John Freeman (honorary consul for Solomon Islands) was a magistrate, judge and public prosecutor there from 1983 – 86. He worked in every part of the islands, and had a few adventures, which he has recently written about in his memoirs. He has been back to Solomon Islands several times since then, and still has many friends there. Since 1989 he has been a judge in England and Wales.

City Sunset

by Celestine Kulagoe

At six
the sun sets
escorted by puffs of blushing clouds,
distributing its last golden wealth
to the immediate heaven
while the whole cosmos
turns green and blue with envy
The mountains stretching —
a huge black cat
motionless on a blue watery carpet
eyes red green and white
staring into the evening.
The moon,
a silent diamond ring
in the sky,
hangs precariously
while beneath it,
like a glittering jewel
cushioned by the blue carpet,
the humming city nestles cosily to rest.


by Jerolyn Vili

A translation into Pijin by Jerolyn Vili of the Poem ‘La Glace’ by Richard Bellon (Original Version Copyright Richard Bellon)

Fes blong iu lo miro

Hem barava fevaret stori blong mi

Bat iu mas kuik taem bifo hem disapia

Hem last taem blong mi, mi barava lavem iu

Civilised Girl

by Jully Makini

Cheap perfume
Six-inch heels
Skin-tight pants
Civilised girl

Steel-wool hair
Fuzzy and stiff
Now soft as coconut husk
Held by a dozen clips

Charcoal-black skin
Painted red
Bushy eyebrows
Plucked and pencilled

Who am I?
Melanesian Caucasian or
Make up your mind

Where am I going –
Forward, backward, still?
What do I call myself –
Mrs Miss or Ms?

Why do I do this?
What’s wrong with it?